Oscar Blandi
OSCAR BLANDI'S PUBLICIST warns that they stylist may not have long to talk because he's on the set of a magazine shoot with longtime client Kelly Ripa.  But Mr. Blandi, the go-to hairstylist for numerous celebrities, including Jennfier Garner  and Salma Hayek, is in no hurry.  He loves to chat, he says, especially with clients, making it hard to imagine him getting through his usual 20 haircuts a day at his Madison Avenue salon.  Mr. Blandi got his first taste of the business at 14, when he started working summers at his father's salon in Italy.  "It was an easy way for me to meet girls," says the 44-year old bachelor.  He came to New York 22 years ago and got a job at a small salon on Thompson Street.  His first star client was Jennifer Lopez. Now Mr. Blandi has more than 100 employees; a haircut with the master costs $600.  He is in such demand that he had to turn down Tom Cruise's request that he stay on the set during the shooting of Mission: Impossible III.  Instead, he flew to Rome every two weeks to style the actor's hair.  Despite the fame, Mr. Blandi stays grounded.  "It's great to think I am a big name, but really I am here to give people a haircut and just hope they leave satisfied." - Miriam Krenin Souccar

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