Eleanora Goffredo & Luca Blandi
The Oscar Blandi Salon offers a fango treatment with Eleanora Goffredo, Blandi's resident trichologist.  She searches for signs of psoriasis, hair loss, stress, anything adversely affecting my scalp.  Finding nothing in the Samurai but utter perfection, Eleanora allows that Clients do indulge for sheet pleasure.  She applies the Oscar Blandi Fango Marine Mud Treatment, swathes and steams my head, and expertly massages the knots in my neck.  Luca Blandi, Oscar's brother and a hairstyling phenom, notes my happy exhalations and reminisces about growing up on the Gulf of Naples and taking the cura: "Men don't normally go in for that sort of thing," he confesses, " but I felt great afterward - my skin, my bones, everything."

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